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Become a member > Aquatic Room

Villa Thalgo's aquagym is internationally renowned; rediscover the wonderful benefits of this discipline which combines water pleasures with the virtues of exercising.

In a lively and intimate atmosphere, the sessions are individualized according to the targeted level and objectives : slim down your figure, drain your body, improve your health, relieve your back, get rid of stress,...

Efficient and not hard on your body, aquagym is suitable for all ages. Active Aquatic Program with 9 different classes :
Aquagym, Aquasvelt, Aquacardio, Aquaboxing, Upper Body, Aquapalmes For more information, click on details on Aquagym classes. To view the schedule, click on 2013 swimming pool schedule

The aquatic Trail

Outside the aquagym classes, the pool becomes a sensorial relaxing place that immerses you in a world of travels and change of scenery, with the help of images projected onto the big screen. Quality music ambiance , chromatic dancing lights , everything is made to fully enjoy this Aquatic Trail consisting of dozens of hydro-massaging jets, specially placed to massage you from head to toe.

A pure moment of relaxation, combined well with the Sea Minerals Hammam.
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