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Villa Thalgo Spa > The Sea: reservoir of life
The sea is an immense reservoir of life that contains over 500,000 aquatic species and 25,000 algae, of which less than 30 species are used today.

Forerunners of marine scientific research, the THALGO Laboratories have acquired unique expertise in harnessing the effectiveness of marine active ingredients. By drawing on the remarkable potential of algae and focusing on natural ingredients that are most adapted to the human body, THALGO is able to offer effective and safe products with exceptional skin tolerance.

The ocean and algae, at the origin of life...

The oceans and seas cover three-quarters of the earth's surface. This omnipresent and essential water is at the origin of life on this planet. It is now believed that the first living cells were born in the ocean about 3 billion years ago in the form of single-cell blue algae, which then led the way for life to develop.

Today, algae have an enormous ecological impact as they produce about one-third of the oxygen that we breathe.
As for seawater, its composition has amazing similarities with our own physiology, which made scientist René Quinton remark that ''our body is nothing but a marine aquarium in which billions of cells are swimming''.

Algae have an immense active ingredient potential...

By taking nourishment from the ocean, algaes concentrate the properties of the marine environment up to 50,000 times and can contain one thousand times more iodine, one hundred times more calcium and ten times as much magnesium and copper than a terrestrial plant.

Behind the success of THALGO: micronized marine algae...

This major discovery quickly became a worldwide reference in the marine treatment world. Using an exclusive manufacturing process, algae cells are exploded to release their active ingredients. The powder obtained is formed from particles that measure only about ten microns each.

This allows THALGO to offer a natural product with rare qualities. Its therapeutic and cosmetological action is remarkable. The active ingredients of algae are in a free state and the fine quality of the powder enhances skin penetration during a hot bath or application.
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